Optimizer Dark Accelerator Lotion

EuroTan Indoor/Outdoor Optimizer Dark Tanning Lotion Lotion turns a base tan into a deep dark bronze luster quickly. Maximum concentration of Tyrosine (a natural tan-stimulating amino acid) and Riboflavin which interfaces with your body's own tanning potential for fast results and a deep dark tan in a shorter time. Bonus: The moisturizers insure that your tan will last longer!

Use EuroTan Indoor/Outdoor Optimizer Premium Lotion to push your tan to the next plateau! Less exposure = Less UV = Safer tanning! * For advanced tanners

* Take EuroTan to your Tanning Salon (safe for all tanning bed surfaces)

* Take EuroTan to the beach or pool. Remember to apply a SPF 15+ sunscreen after 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure

* Perfect to get that protective base tan before your vacation and avoid that red skin look and sunburn.


Optimizer Dark Accelerator Lotion

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