Oil-Free Dark Tanning  Lotion

We are breaking all the rules and all tanning plateaus. Now you can order on line the exciting Oil-Free EuroTan Acceleration Lotion with the maximum Tyrosine allowed. Concentrated and creamy, this lotion gives you the absolute darkest tan possible without blocking your pores. No other lotion comes even close! Don't pay inflated prices in Tanning Salons. This lotion beats them all. This is the top of the line and the only lotion which truly caters to the smart and serious tanner who will not settle for anything less. Plus, you also deep-moisturize your skin at the same time for an ever longer lasting beautiful tan and silky skin. Maximum Tan - Guaranteed! Try it today Risk free! If you are not getting the best tan possible, simply return the unused portion to us for a courteous refund. FREE GOGGLES WITH ORDER!

8.25 oz origional deep tanning whipped lotion.

Oil-Free for sensetive skin.

Maximum Tyrosine allowed.

Free Goggles -

Oil-Free Dark Tanning Lotion

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